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Here are three easy ways to avoid dark circles!

By Team Pardaphash 
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According to Suparna Trikha, a leading beauty expert, “dark circles take time to cure and require great discipline”. However, getting rid of them is not that difficult or impossible but you need to follow the tips given below. Everyday ingredients lurking in your kitchen can give a helping hand in reducing those dark circles.

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Here are few tips to follow:-

1. Lemon juice can be mixed with fresh tomato juice, use this as a toner to be applied around the eye area daily. Wash off with coconut water.

2. Load up on foods rich in vitamin B and C. These help improve skin texture and reduce spots and blemishes. Choose from oranges, lemons, kiwi fruits, apricots and melons among others.

3. Coconut oil is one of the best agents for taming skin issues. Take few drops and gently massage around the eye area. For better result, mix some almond oil, massage and apply for an hour before turning in.

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