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Tihar Jail Dismisses 50 Employees Due to Biometric Mismatch

As per the Tihar Jail administration, the group of 50 terminated employees comprises 39 warders, nine assistant superintendents, and two matrons.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Tihar Jail Dismisses 50 Employees Due to Biometric Mismatch

New Delhi: The Tihar Jail administration has taken action against 50 of its employees, terminating their services following a verification drive that exposed a mismatch in their biometric identification records. The decision, revealed on Saturday, impacts individuals recruited on probation after an examination, raising suspicions of potential impersonation during the hiring process.

According to officials from the Tihar Jail administration, the terminated employees were part of a group of 450 individuals recruited on probation after successfully completing an examination. An unsettling revelation during a verification drive pointed to a misalignment in the biometric identification records of 50 employees, prompting the administration to serve termination notices.

Breaking down the affected workforce, the terminated individuals include 39 warders, 9 assistant superintendents, and 2 matrons, all of whom were recruited through an examination conducted by the Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSB). The DSSB, responsible for the recruitment process, directed the Tihar Jail administration to take action based on the findings of the biometric verification drive.

Officials clarified that the mismatched biometric identification records raised concerns about the authenticity of the examination process, suggesting the possibility that someone else might have appeared on behalf of the terminated employees during the recruitment exam.

The terminated employees were still in their probationary period, which typically spans two years. Officials emphasized that the affected individuals have been given a one-month window to respond to the termination notices. The Tihar Jail administration aims to address the situation promptly and uphold the integrity of its hiring processes.

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