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Tips and tricks to prepare for ITSAT 2019

By Team Pardaphash 
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ICFAI Tech School Admission Test, i.e. ITSAT 2019 is a premier engineering entrance test conducted by ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE), Hyderabad. We all know that this entrance test can guide candidates to some impressive engineering colleges like IFHE Hyderabad and IFCAI Universities in Dehradun, Jaipur, Raipur and Jharkhand.

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Since ITSAT 2019 leads candidates to such desirable engineering colleges, it entails a decent amount of competition too. Candidates, therefore, need to prepare hard to ace this exam and clear ITSAT 2019 Cut off.

Although the syllabus of this exam is much in line with other engineering tests like JEE Main 2019, but the level of difficulty is not as high as JEE. Therefore, candidates need to be quite clear in their strategy regarding this exam, as this exam does not ask for too much of advanced concepts.

Well, if you are feeling a bit confused about how to go about this exam, then you are at the right place. This is because today we are discussing some of the most important tips and tricks to crack ITSAT 2019. We are pretty sure that by following these tips, you will get a seat in one of the premier ICFAI institutes. So stay with us and read the pointers below to crack the upcoming ITSAT:-

Be confident with the basics

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Well, it seems like the most clichéd tips for entrance exam preparation, but it is seriously the most important one. We have seen so many candidates do this big mistake of not doing the basics properly and directly moving on to solving tougher questions.

Doing tougher questions is good, but remember that when the base is not strong, the building does not last long. Also, it is seen quite often that questions in exams are a bit twisted in nature. And thus, if you don’t understand the core concept related to the questions, you might just not be able to decode it. Therefore, do not ignore basics at all. They will help you to grab the low hanging fruits quickly and will also help in new type of questions.

Note down the important concepts

Everyone knows that the syllabus is huge and making notes of whole the syllabus is a humongous task. Well, we also understand this. But candidates must understand this that all the hardwork that they put in such activities will ultimately increase their chances of acing the exam.

Having precise notes of all important concepts will help you to revise easily. So till the time of exam, you can revise concept 4-5 times if you want. Further, for last minute revision, handwritten notes are the best source. Also, it is a proven fact that things we write are always remembered better. So why don’t take the benefit of it?
Practice with timer

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Nobody needs to say that one needs to do a lot of practice to crack ITSAT 2019, it is known to everyone who is preparing. But what we want is that you take your practice one step ahead and start practicing with the timer.
All the exams are conducted with fix duration and one has to solve the paper within a given time frame. So what is being tested is not that how many questions you can solve, but it is that how many questions you can solve within a given time period. So speed becomes a very significant factor in these exams. Practicing with timer will make you habitual of dealing with the ticking of clock, and will also increase your speed. So turn on the timer and start solving questions!

Use English to your edge

Quite rarely, English section of ITSAT 2019 carries as much weightage as other sections like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. And thus, it is clear signal that those who are good in English can get an edge over other candidates, as most of the candidates do not prepare a lot for this section.

What we want to say here is that if you put in just a little bit of extra effort in preparing for English, you can actually score very well in this exam. Plus, you can be assured of the fact that the level of questions of English section will not be very tough. Some amount of hardwork and dedication and you can crack this section too. So don’t ignore this section, rather use it to your advantage.

Make a schedule and stay true to it!

Having a proper time table or a fixed schedule is always an important part of preparation. But what we want to focus on is the second part of the heading, i.e. staying true and loyal to your schedule.

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There are many candidates who make a fancy plan but do not follow it. Now, if someone asks us what the real secret of toppers is, we would say that it is consistency. Even if they have decided to study for just 1 hour daily, then they will do it daily. But those who score average decide to put in a lot of hours daily, but are never consistent.

If you truly want to crack this exam, then stick to a plan. Consistency will lead you to wonders.

We hope you found these tips useful and will follow them properly. But above all these tips is your self confidence. If you believe in yourself and keep on working hard, ITSAT 2019 will not be a tough job for you.

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