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Tragic Collision in Andhra Pradesh Claims Five Lives, Toll Expected to Rise

In a devastating collision in the Annamaya district of Andhra Pradesh, five individuals lost their lives, and eleven others sustained injuries on Friday morning. The accident involved a collision between a jeep and a lorry, with seven of the injured reported to be in critical condition. Among the deceased, there were two men and three women.

By Rekha Joshi 
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Andhra Pradesh: In a tragic incident that occurred on a Friday morning, a collision involving a jeep and a lorry in Andhra Pradesh’s Annamaya district resulted in the loss of five lives and injuries to eleven others. Among the injured, seven individuals were reported to be in serious condition. The victims included both men and women.

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Prompt medical attention was provided to the injured individuals, and they were swiftly transported to Tirupati Rua Hospital to receive the necessary medical treatment. This immediate response was crucial, particularly considering the seriousness of the injuries sustained by several of the survivors. However, despite these efforts, authorities remained concerned that the death toll from the tragic collision could potentially increase due to the gravity of the injuries sustained by some of the victims.

The accident involved a lorry that was en route from Kadapa to Chittoor and a jeep carrying 16 pilgrims. These pilgrims were returning from a visit to the renowned pilgrimage site of Tirumala and were on their way to Belagavi, a city located in the neighboring state of Karnataka.

The precise cause of the accident had not yet been determined, and investigations were ongoing to establish the circumstances leading to this tragic collision. Visual evidence from the scene illustrated the significant damage sustained by the front portion of the lorry and the mangled state of the jeep, highlighting the severity of the impact.

This unfortunate incident serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of road safety and the need for caution while traveling, particularly on busy roads where accidents can have devastating consequences.

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