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Treat acne by avoiding these food items, tells Dermatologist

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Lucknow: Skincare is not just about using the varied range of products to make your skin look lustrous but it is also about maintaining a delicate balance between care and consistency to enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions.

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Though, many of us do everything to keep their skin healthy yet they still experience acne breakouts. While, this threw skincare industry into some research, dermatologist Dr Alekhya Rallapalli tells how some foods can trigger acne in some individuals.

“Not everyone’s skin is the same. Few foods can trigger acne in certain individuals,” she captioned her post. Take a look at it below:

-Dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt
-Whey protein/soy protein
-Gluten (usually found in bread or pasta)
-Red meat

The expert especially advised caution against high glycemic index food sources such as sugars or sugary drinks, white bread, white rice etc, as they trigger insulin spikes that would worsen acne.

“Prefer a wholesome balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy protein sources and whole grains,” she suggested.

While it is not possible to completely cut out the foods listed from your everyday diet, but a little restraint goes a long way.

Meanwhile, daily meals which consist of white rice or maida (refined flour) can be substituted with healthier grains such as oats, brown rice, quinoa and bajra, ragi instead of maida.

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