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Try these 6 smart ways to burn 100 calories and achieve your weight loss target

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Try these 6 smart ways to burn 100 calories and achieve your weight loss target

Lucknow: Weight loss can be a long and exhausting process. From following N-number of restrictive diets to resorting to intense fitness routines, a lot goes into the process of weight loss. While it may be difficult to always remain focused and keep up with the fitness regime, here are some smart ways to burn 100 calories while enjoying yourself.

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Walk to shop your groceries

Grocery shopping is an essential part of our daily life. However, instead of resorting to different means of transportation, if you walk to get your groceries, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and immediately shed some 100 calories.

Window shopping fun and fitness

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Wondering aimlessly in the shopping centers and admiring your favourite clothing and electronic items can be a happy escape. This half an hour of window shopping will not only facilitate your walking, but it can also help you achieve your target by letting you burn 100 calories.

Household chores to shed extra kilos 

It is said that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ but in it’s whole essence it also seems to be a key to burning extra calories. Just 25 minutes of cleaning your house can help you burn 100 calories.

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Throw a dance party

Dancing is one of the best ways of workout. Dancing can work wonders for your weight loss regime, therefore, organize a dance party with your friends or family and get on with it to burn some calories, which in the long run can also aid your weight loss process.

Post-meal stroll

Small walks after meal can not only help you digest the food better, but will also help you to shed some calories. If you are one of them who do not get the time for exercising or gymming, post-meal strolls can help you burn 100 calories.

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           Making love has many benefits

It can be tough to take some time for yourself if you are romantically in love with someone. But do you know, you can do your little sessions of workout even though you are with your partner. You can always make time for some love-making. Getting frisky between the sheets can not only improve your sex drive and strengthen your relationship but will also help you burn some calories.

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