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Try these home remedies to get rid of acidity!

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More often we tend to eat fast food and junk food, in fact without eating junk food our day does not end knowing about the fact that it is harmful for our health and causes various diseases. Eating unhealthy fast food does the maximum harm to our stomach, problems like acidity and gastric are caused due to this.

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Do not worry as there are few home remedies that will help you get rid of acidity and gas. Acidity can be much more problematic for all those who have to sit for longer working hours in their office but if you follow few remedies on a regular basis then it can prove to be a solution for acidity.

Here are few remedies to follow:-

1. Cumin seeds- Take one tablespoon of cumin seeds and roast it then make in powder form and drink it with warm water on a daily basis.

2. Cloves- Chew two cloves when suffering from acidity and the juice of the cloves will help you get relief instantly.

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3. Tulsi leaves- Chew 5-6 tulsi leaves or mix the same with tea while you are suffering from acidity and it will give you instant relief.

4. Ginger- Cut a small piece of ginger and eat it before having your lunch. It will improve your digestive system and get rid of acidity.

5. Jaggery- Eat small piece of jaggery if you are suffering from acidity and chest pain, it will give you instant relief but if you are diabetic please avoid using this method.

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