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Try to relax and feel the love, read weekly horoscope for Feb 28-Mar 6

By Saima Siddiqui 
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On Thursday, your ruler Mars pairs up with powerful Pluto. So expect an intense time at work (and possibly a disagreement) with a boss, colleague, client or customer. On Saturday, the buoyant Sun/Jupiter conjunction encourages you to dream a big dream and find a way to make it happen. Then Mars connects with Venus on Sunday when you’ll feel more peaceful, romantic and/or creative. Whatever happens, try to relax and feel the love Rams!


The Sun, Uranus and Mars rev up your motivation and boost your Bullish bravado but you could also feel rushed or unsettled this week. Cool down and calm down! Aim to do plenty of physical activity, so you can channel your restless energy in pleasant and productive ways. But being overly proprietorial about a person or possession will only lead to a fraction too much friction on Friday. So strive to be less obsessive about what you own and whom you love.


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Geminis are clever communicators but are you confident enough for big time success? With seven planets activating your career and aspirations zones, a golden opportunity is waiting in the wings but you must grab it when it appears or it will pass you by. So stop over-thinking and start doing! Saturn also challenges you to be physically organised and mentally disciplined, as you make plans to improve your tertiary qualifications or update your professional skills.


This week, bossy Mars links up with intense Pluto in your relationship zone. So avoid using emotional manipulation to coerce people into doing what you think they should be doing. Step back and let others make their own choices (and their own mistakes). Attached Crabs – Thursday and Friday favour making a profound emotional connection. Singles – give superficial suitors the flick. Look for a long-term lover who has passion, depth and staying power.


Have you been feeling like a tired and listless Leo? This week – with Jupiter and Uranus both activating your ruler the Sun – you’ll feel your mojo, motivation and Lion’s roar returning! So find a challenging project to direct your energy into. Venus and Mars also encourage you to be much more proactive and diplomatic with others. A sunny smile and an encouraging comment will get you a lot further than feisty fireworks and theatrical foot-stamping!

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The planets could generate a lucky opportunity involving a partnership, joint venture, sporting activity or creative project. So get your ideas out there (in person and online) as you inform and entertain others with your marvellous mind. A major relationship (whether romantic or platonic) could go through a New Moon metamorphosis, as you both air your grievances in a respectful way and work through a problem that’s been holding you back.


It’s a wonderful week to entertain at home with a special meal, as the planets stimulate your family and friendship zones, Convivial conversation is a bonus. Being of service to others (with kindness, compassion and style) also brings much joy and satisfaction. Plus take the time to savour and enjoy the simple things in your everyday life … like a kiss from a child or a walk in the park. But avoid making a rash comment (in person or online) that you later regret.


Expect some drama at Casa Scorpio this week as the Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunctions increase your magnetism – and your tendency to brooding, obsessive behaviour. You’ve got the power to inspire others and transform your own life. So do your best to find appropriate ways to let off steam and choose positive and challenging projects to channel your intense energy into. Otherwise you’ll just drive family, friends and colleagues crazy with your tempestuous ways! 

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Are you ready for a wild ride? This week you’re prone to fiery pronouncements and extravagant exuberance as you overpromise, overspend or overextend. Enthusiasm is high but don’t jump to hasty conclusions and pass on incorrect information. Get the facts straight, otherwise embarrassing mix-ups are likely (especially involving finances). So do your best to divert excess energy into a challenging project that is ambitious and adventurous but also realistic.


The more intently you micro-manage relationships this week, the more family, friends or colleagues will distance themselves from you. And if you are too bossy with an Aries, Taurus or Scorpio, then an explosive power struggle is likely. You’re brimming over with information and ideas and are keen to teach or instruct others. But don’t assume you have all the answers. Smart-aleck hubris will just put others off. So strive to be much more inclusive and consultative.

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