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Ukrainian farmer “steals” Russian tank using tractor, video goes viral

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Kyiv: Amid the tensed atmosphere of Russia-Ukraine war, a video showing a farmer stealing Russian tanker and being chased by a desperately running man is nothing short of an amusement to watch. As the video has gone viral on the social media, it has drawn attention of several people worldwide. Sharing the video on their Twitter account netizens have also expressed their quick-witted comments. Here are few of them:

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No expert, but the invasion doesn’t seem to be going particularly well.

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The video was shared by Johnny Mercer, a British Conservative politician and Member of Parliament for Plymouth Moor View, on Monday.

“No expert, but the invasion doesn’t seem to be going particularly well. Ukrainian tractor steals Russian APC today,” Mercer said on Twitter, sharing the seven-second-long video. It has been viewed 4.6 million times till now.

The video ends with those watching the man running behind the tank bursting into laughter.

The video has also been shared by Olexander Scherba, who served as Ukraine’s ambassador to Austria from 2014 to 2021. “Ukrainians are tough cookies indeed,” he wrote on Twitter.

The internet is delighted with users saying the video made them smile.

“None of this is funny. NONE of this.  But that said in the spirit of “OMG what badasses these beyond brave Ukranian people are” … this made me smile,” said a user.

“I haven’t laughed this hard in a really long time. That is fantastic!” said another.

One of them shared a similar video, claiming it is a follow-up and shows the same farmer.

Amid the Russian invasion, stories of Ukrainians’ bravery has flooded the internet. Videos and photos have emerged from border cities, where Russians first reached, showing residents confronting soldiers.

Another video showed a man removing a landmine with his bare hands. One of the videos that have stood out shows a man stopping a Russian tank just with his hands.

The West and many countries have slammed Russia for launching the attack on its tiny neighbour and announced sanctions, but President Vladimir Putin has so far ignored all the pressure.

In the weeks before launching the full-scale invasion, Putin made it clear that Ukraine should not be made a member of the NATO and demanded that eastern European countries must be demilitarised.

The West refused to accept Moscow’s demands, but have been using diplomatic channels to persuade Putin to end the war.

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