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Unknown benefits of eating dates during winters!

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Apart from being good in taste and tempting, dates are eaten largely during the month of Ramzan when Muslim community break their fast and there are several unknown benefits of eating dates during winters. But there are many who consider sweet eatables unhealthy but considering the advantages of dates it is advised to eat dry fruits during winters.

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Along with dryness, winter also brings in common cold and other such daily problems of sour throat, nose block, headache etc but taking care of your body throughout the winter season would help you stay fit. Apart from wearing your hand gloves, cap, socks, jacket and other warm clothes, you also need to keep your body warm from within.

Eating dates on a regular basis can also prove to be miraculous, listed below are some benefits:-

1. Dates keep your body warm during winters- Eating 4-5 dates daily helps your body stay warm but at the same time eating dates without keeping the limit in mind can cause problems for longer term as well.

2. Treat cough and cold- Instead of visiting doctors every now and then and consuming harmful medicines for common cold and minor cough, eat dates daily in order to treat cough and cold without causing any harmful effects to the body.

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3. Treat constipation- Constipation is a major problem amongst people nowadays but instead of running to the doctors and facing stomach problems dates can definitely come to your rescue.

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