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Unknown facts: Here are few things you do not know about yourself!

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In the race of knowing others properly we forget to understand our own soul and mind. Although there is no one who would admit the fact that they do not know things about themselves but we often tend to say that the only person who we understand the most is us. Well, it is hard to believe but there are some unknown facts that we do not know about ourselves.

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It is a game of our brain that there are certain things you probably do not understand yourself as well as you think you do.

Here are 3 unknown facts:-

1. Your perspective about yourself is distorted- Your “self” lies before you like an open book. Just peer inside and read: who you are, your likes and dislikes, your hopes and fears; they are all there, ready to be understood. This notion is popular but is probably completely false! Psychological research shows that we do not have privileged access to who we are. When we try to assess ourselves accurately, we are really poking around in a fog.

2. We too often think that we are better at something than we are- As the researchers emphasize, their work highlights a general feature of self-perception: each of us tends to overlook our cognitive deficiencies. According to psychologist Adrian Furnham of University College London, the statistical correlation between perceived and actual IQ is, on average, only 0.16—a pretty poor showing, to put it mildly. By comparison, the correlation between height and sex is about 0.7.

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3. Your motives are often a mystery to you- How well do people know themselves? In answering this question, researchers encounter the following problem: to assess a person’s self-image, one would have to know who that person really is. Investigators use a variety of techniques to tackle such questions.

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