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UP BJP MLA complains as ‘wife lay on hospital floor for 3 hours, was given no food or water’

By Saima Siddiqui 
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UP BJP MLA complains as ‘wife lay on hospital floor for 3 hours, was given no food or water’

Agra: Putting a question mark on Uttar Pradesh government’s claims over controlling of Covid situation and healthcare in the sate, a BJP MLA from Firozabad’s Jasrana, Ramgopal Lodhi, himself took to social media on Monday to vent out his anguish about his Covid positive wife Sandhya Lodhi’s ordeals at SN Medical College in Agra.

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In a video, which has now gone viral on social media, the MLA alleges that his wife is not being given adequate food and water at the facility and that the family is in the dark regarding her health status. He also said that his wife was made to lie on the floor for three hours before she could be given a bed.

In his two-minute long video message, the MLA claimed that his wife was turned away by the hospital guards when she reached there. The MLA then contacted Agra district magistrate Prabhu N Singh, who finally got her admitted to the hospital on Friday night.

Lodhi said that although his wife eventually was admitted to the hospital in Agra, he had no update on her health in the past 24 hours. The BJP leader further said that he was not able to contact anyone at the hospital since he himself had just been discharged from the hospital, he was very weak and could not travel to Agra.

“What would happen to a common man when an MLA’s wife cannot be given proper care,” Lodhi asked in the video. The BJP MLA had, too, tested positive for coronavirus and had returned home after recovering from the in fection on May 7. SN Medical College principal Dr Sanjay Kala said the allegations made by the MLA were “unfortunate”.

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“The MLA’s wife was admitted at Covid care centre at 7:30 pm. We maintain a computerized record for all patients. I personally attended to her. She was admitted in a critical condition with oxygen saturation level at 80. Following the life-saving efforts, her oxygen saturation increased to 98 without any external support on Sunday evening.”

He added, “Now, she is out of danger and has been transferred to a private hospital. The allegations made by the MLA are unfortunate. We provided the patient with the best possible treatment amid huge stress.”

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