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UP: Hospital ward boy dies a day after COVID-19 vaccination, officials deny link

By Saima Siddiqui 
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UP: Hospital ward boy dies a day after COVID-19 vaccination, officials deny link

Moradabad: A 46-year-old hospital ward boy in Moradabad died a day after receiving the vaccine for COVID-19, however, the Uttar Pradesh officials, on Monday, claimed that the person died of cardiopulmonary disease not of the inoculation.

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The name of the deceased was Mahipal Singh, who was employed as a ward boy in the district hospital of Moradabad, received the vaccine shot at noon on January 16, as per official. On January 17, Singh complained of chest pain and breathlessness during the day and by the time he was taken to the hospital he was declared dead, said Chief Medical Officer Moradabad M.C. Garg.

Mahipal died around 6 p.m. on January 17, said the official.

Meanwhile, deceased’s son, Vishal, told media that he believes his father died due to the side effects of the vaccine and not of any ailment. After getting vaccine shot, Mr. Vishal says he took Mahipal home around 1.30 p.m. on January 16, after which Mahipal was experiencing breathlessness and felt unwell.

“He already had a bit of pneumonia, cough and cold but after returning home [following the shot] he started feeling worse. We got him some warm water and tea and made him lie on the bed,” Vishal said.

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However, denying it to be a reaction, CMO, late on January 16, said that the death “doesn’t appear to be a reaction” of the vaccine. He said that Mahipal had also done his night duty but did not face any problem.

On January 17, the State government released a report based on the deceased’s autopsy and said that Mahipal died of cardiogenic and septicaemic shock due to a cardiopulmonary disease.

Mahipal’s autopsy report prepared by a panel of three doctors read that Mahipal’s heart weighed 500 gm as against the normal range of 200 gm as the chambers and aorta of the organ were found with blood clots. They also found pus pockets in the lungs.

To further examine the case; the lungs, heart and blood were secured, said the CMO in his report.

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