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UP Police Constable Fatally Shot During Raid in Kannauj

Police Team Faces Heavy Gunfire While Serving Non-Bailable Warrant to History-Sheeter in Kannauj Village.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
UP Police Constable Fatally Shot During Raid in Kannauj

In a tragic turn of events, Constable Sachin Rathi, from the 2019 batch, passed away on Tuesday morning in Kanpur due to bullet injuries sustained during a police operation in a Kannauj village. The police team had ventured to serve a non-bailable warrant (NBW) to history-sheeter criminal Ashok alias Munna Yadav, leading to a violent confrontation.

Intense Shootout Leaves Constable Injured

Ashok alias Munna Yadav, backed by family members, unleashed a barrage of gunfire on the approaching police team. Constable Sachin Rathi suffered critical injuries, with a bullet piercing his abdomen after traversing through his thigh. Superintendent of Police (SP) of Kannauj, Anand Kumar Anand, confirmed the constable’s demise, shedding light on the ensuing developments.

Arrests Made and Arms Seized

Following the violent shootout, the police apprehended Ashok alias Munna Yadav and his son. During subsequent searches, law enforcement recovered a cache of weapons, including a double-barrel gun, two country-made pistols, and several crude bombs from the residence. Additionally, Munna’s wife, Shyama, was taken into custody in connection with the incident.

Criminal’s Use of CCTV and Attempted Escape

Ashok alias Munna Yadav, a seasoned criminal with approximately 20 cases against him, operated under history sheet 40A in Chibramau. Anand Kumar Anand elaborated on the criminal’s tactics, revealing that Munna utilized CCTV surveillance within his residence to monitor police movements. Despite attempts to flee the scene, Munna and his son found themselves cornered, resulting in both sustaining leg injuries during the confrontation.

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