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UP police tough on hair chopper rumours

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Lucknow: The UP police has arrested a 45-year-old alleged occultist, who motivated a 17-year-old girl to cut off her hair braid in Gorakhpur.

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According to police officials, the accused was arrested for allegedly making “rumours about a mysterious braid chopper”.

Identified as Chandrabhan Das, one of villagers had asked Das to cure his 17-year-old daughter of some undiagnosed illness.

Straightaway, he asked the girl to cut her hair if she is interested in getting well and she complied. The modification in her appearance then sparked rumours that she was the latest victim of the so-called braid chopper.

There have been number of cases in UP in the past seven days of women complaining regarding their being mysteriously cut while they were asleep.

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On an expected note, the UP Police has issued an advisory directing district-level police officers to warn people in their jurisdiction about the rumours.

The notification from the UP Police asked police officers to begin WhatsApp and social media campaigns in order to counter the spread of what it termed as rumours.

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