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US: Nine dead in military plane crash

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US: The Associated Press reports informed that in an incident that took place in the Southern US state of Georgia killed nine people on board after a military transport aircraft crashed onto a highway.

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The C130 cargo plane belonged to the Air National Guard of Puerto Rico, a US territory. It crashed on an intersection of a major highway on Wednesday, shortly after taking off from a military base in Savannah, eastern Georgia.

Surveillance camera footage shows the aircraft going into a nosedive, and sending up a large fireball and black smoke after it hits the ground.

Photos and videos taken at the site of the crash show heavily damaged aircraft parts, indicating a severe impact.

Local police say there were no casualties on the ground and no damage to vehicles on the road.

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The aircraft had been in use for more than 6 decades, and was making its final flight before being retired. The US Air Force is investigating the cause of the crash.

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