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Video goes viral of IAS officer in Bihar using abusive language during meeting with top officials. Watch

Sunil Tiwari said that along with being the Secretary of the Prohibition Department, he is also in charge of Bipard and during training, he harasses the officers of Bihar. Meanwhile, one officer has also died.

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Patna: IAS officers can be game changers for any department head. However, sometimes his behavior proves to be worrying and leads to controversy. In one such incident, The video of KK Pathak, Principal Secretary of the Prohibition Department in Bihar Government, is going viral. In the video, KK Pathak is holding a meeting in his department. All the officers are sitting, but only then KK Pathak gets angry. He starts abusing the top officers of Bihar.

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Even KK Pathak comes down on abuses. KK Pathak does not only vent his anger on the officers, but also vents his anger on the people of Bihar. It is said that people of Bihar blow horn even at red light. KK Pathak abuses and says that have you ever seen, blowing horn at red light in Chennai. People here have no understanding.

KK Pathak while abusing a deputy collector said that the officers here are also the same. Instructing an officer, he says to write to me that I unite mother and sister. An officer is seen apologizing in the video, but KK Pathak says that Bihar’s administration is useless.

Bihar BJP spokesperson Nikhil Anand tweets the video and also demanded resignation or apology from the official. “IAS KK Pathak may be a very educated scholar but he has suffered from mental depression and frustration while being in bureaucracy for a long time. He should get it treated. He is abusing mother- sister to the BASA officers like a street lumpen or hooligans. He must apologise or sack him,” said the spokesperson.

On the viral video of KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of the Prohibition Department, Minister of the department Sunil Kumar has said that the viral video has come to the fore. Sunil Kumar said that whatever inquiry will be done after seeing the veracity of the video.

At the same time, Sunil Tiwari, General Secretary of Bihar Administrative Services Association, has made a sharp counterattack on the video. He has described this video as sad and unfortunate and has demanded the dismissal of Pathak. Sunil Tiwari said that we will request the CM and the Chief Secretary that if action is not taken against IAS Pathak, then we will hit the streets.

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