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Want a perfect smile? Here are the secrets!

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We all fantasize to have a perfect smile because your smile tells plenty of things about you. As we know that today’s generation is following selfie culture to a great extent and they all wish to have a picture perfect smile. Instead of medical treatment of your teeth which would prove to be harmful in the future, oral and dental care of your teeth is an important aspect of overall well-being.

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Here are few secrets of having a perfect smile:-

1. Keep changing your tooth brush periodically that is after every three to four months. In short do not keep using your tooth brush even after its bristles are frayed but as soon as you see this change your brush.

2. We have all been learning that we should all brush our teeth twice a day since our childhood and the ones who have been following the same might have a satisfactory and picture perfect smile. It is very important for all of us to brush in the morning as well as in the night after having the dinner.

3. Choose your tooth brush wisely as to which a hard bristle tooth brush would hurt your gums and are not flexible enough to clean the every smaller corner in your mouth as compare to a soft bristle tooth brush as it is flexible and will not hurt your gum.

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4. We all believe in a myth that even after brushing our tooth hard with the tooth brush we do not get a perfect smile but the reality is hard brushing will not remove all the leftover food in your teeth but it will only make the gum bleed and hurt your enamel.

5. The average time a person brushes his teeth is about 33 seconds. This is only one-sixth the amount of time necessary for teeth to achieve plaque-free status. When in doubt, follow the 2s: 2 minutes, 2 times a day rule.

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