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Want to look fashionable even in Monsoon season? So here are some tips and tricks

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Lucknow: With the arrival of monsoon, while on one hand nature starts spreading its colors, on the other hand the weather also becomes pleasant. In such a situation, girls have to work very hard to keep themselves fashionable and trendy in this season. Because in monsoon, I do not understand what to wear which is comfortable for this season. So today we are going to tell you some trendy fashion tips which can help you to keep stylish in this season.

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# Denim shorts and chinos works best:
Denim shorts and chinos work best to prevent mud stains and rain splatters. Add a dash of colour to the grey days by sporting vibrant chinos and printed shorts and tees. Layer this with a plain white shirt, checks or washed out denim shirt for a relaxed vibe. T-shirts and tanks are a great way to look stylish and add graphics to your wardrobe. Ride the wave with the nautica trend, and rock printed anchors, sails and ombre tees.

# Short dresses will be comfortable:
Wearing shorts, short skirts and short dresses can be quite comfortable for girls during monsoon. By the way, it can be a good idea to team up a white shirt with a gray colored pencil skirt. Shorts, mini skirts and pencil skirts are always in trend in the rain, but these days trenchcoat can be a good option when it comes to the fashion trade of girls.

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# Avoid full-length bottoms:
If you enjoy strolling in the rain, you will not enjoy walking with wet and muddy bottoms. Consequently, consider palazzos, midi skirts, wide-leg trousers and slim pants with a loose fit, as they are more convenient to carry in the monsoon.

# Use stylish umbrella and raincoat:
An umbrella or raincoat is only a part of our need while going out during the rainy days. Why don’t we turn this need into practice. By this we mean that now-a-days transparent umbrellas of floral prints are very much in trend, which you can try with contrast colored dresses like orange, olive green. This type of umbrella can also go a long way in making your look stylish.

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# Wear clothes of different colors:
Monsoon is all about good vibes and having a good time, so why not include that in your fashion sense as well? Bright colors make you look even more lively. Light colors like white and beige should be avoided during this dark season since they become translucent. Also, rain marks tend to show up on light colors, so choose dark colors. When coupled with neutrals, vibrant pinks, blues, oranges, and yellows are a great choice.

# Use waterproof makeup:
While you are taking care of your clothes during the rainy season, on the other hand you also have to choose water proof makeup to make your look even better. Because if you do not use waterproof makeup during the rainy season, then along with the rain, your look will also get washed away in the water.

# Pay attention to your footwear:
One wrong choice in terms of footwear when it comes to rainy days can make things worse. Unless you want to spoil your favourite pair of shoes, avoid wearing stilettos. Also, wearing shoes that are made of leather, suede and velvet is not a wise decision during the rainy season. Instead, go for rubber footwear, jelly shoes, crocs, and colourful flip-flops that will give you a refreshing look.

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