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Want your makeup long lasting even in monsoon? So try these beauty hacks

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
Updated Date

Lucknow: Everyone loves to do makeup. Makeup has become an important part of women’s life without which women do not even step out of their house. In college, office and party, everything seems incomplete without makeup. People often become victims of humidity and stickiness in monsoon. They sweat a lot in this season, due to which the makeup on their skin comes off quickly. Making makeup last for a long time is a big challenge in the rainy season.

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Due to monsoon, the skin sometimes starts getting oily, sometimes due to rain, the entire makeup gets spoiled. In such a situation, by following some tips, makeup can be made long last even in monsoon.

Prep your face with Ice:
If you wrap ice in a handkerchief or thin cloth and rub it on your skin before makeup, then you get many benefits from it. Firstly, it improves the blood circulation of the face and gives a wonderful glow on your face. Not only this, it gives a soothing effect to your tired eyes.

Before applying makeup on the face in monsoon, rub the face with an ice cube. Apply it on the face for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Using ice on the face will make your makeup last longer.

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Use water based moisturizer:
Use water based moisturizer instead of cream based moisturizer in this season. There is less sweating due to its use and there is no stickiness in the skin. Water based moisturizer is a bit expensive, but it helps your makeup to last longer. Due to this, the open pores of your face also appear smaller.

Do light makeup:
Heavy make-up should never be done in monsoon. Makeup gets spoiled quickly due to heavy makeup. Therefore, always do light makeup in monsoon. It keeps your face beautiful for a long time.

Avoid using foundation and use little talcum powder/dusting powder before makeup. Use cream in pink colour as an eyeshadow with a thick layer of eyeliner.

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Matte lipsticks are the best option. One can use lighter shades for lip liners and lipsticks such as pink, soft brown and wine. Get your eyebrows done from time to time and do not use an eyebrow pencil.

Use water proof makeup:
Water proof makeup products should be used in monsoon. In such a situation, oily foundation or cream should never be used. It can spoil the beauty of the whole face. You can use a matte compact for a makeup base. Try not to use foundation in monsoon.

avoid applying kajal:
Avoid applying kajal and using eyebrow pencil in monsoon, as the rain can spread kajal. In such a situation, only use waterproof mascara and eyeliner during the monsoon season.

Neon bright:
As neon shades are making their mark in the fashion circuit, they will be a hit during monsoon season too. Different bright shades of red, orange and pink are some of the most popular shades these days. You can use these bright colours to make your monsoon merrier.

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Use face mist:
A face mist can help you keep your skin hydrated without adequate air humidity. It is also great for setting your makeup for long hours. It will help refresh your skin, liven up your makeup, and make your skin shine. A face mist is composed of moisturizing skincare components.

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