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We have scale as well as skill: CM Yogi Adityanath on UP Budget 2023

CM Yogi shares vision of the state's contribution to the country's economy. UP's contribution in India's GDP is 8%, it has to be increased to 16%.

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Lucknow, March 1: While discussing the budget in the assembly on Wednesday, CM Yogi presented the gtovernment’s vision of increasing the state’s contribution to the country’s economy. He said: “we were questioned about our goal of making the state one trillion dollar economy. In 1946 when the process of making the constitution started, Baba Saheb made a very important speech in which he said that one should worry about the means rather than the goal. That is when the goal is clear, one should know the right way to go about it. If the beginning is good then the result will also be good.”

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CM Yogi added: “India has immense reverence for Babasaheb. With the inspiration of the Prime Minister, we also brainstormed on what could be the role of the country’s largest state in terms of population. How UP can discharge its leading role. If India has to become a country of $5 trillion economy, then UP also must make a significant contribution. Every 16th person of the country is from UP, but our contribution is not on the expected lines. UP’s contribution to India’s GDP currently is 8%, and it must be increased to 16%. This is a possibility in UP.

UP is a state of immense possibilities
The CM further said that the leaders of the opposition parties were doubting yesterday whether this would be possible. “I wondered why can’t it be. What is that UP does not have? UP has the country’s most fertile land, the best water resource and also the best youth and the best labour market. The state has 96 lakh MSMEs. Road, rail, air connectivity, water-way, every type of connectivity is in UP. Yesterday I was thinking that the leaders of the opposition parties should not say that we have started the dedicated corridor. UP has a rail network of 16,000 km. Eastern and Western freight corridor is passing through UP. The Prime Minister has just started the longest river cruise from Varanasi. Air connectivity has improved in UP and it has huge potential.”

Following PM’s 5T mantra
The CM said that the Prime Minister’s 5T mantra (i.e. Talent, Tradition, Trade, Tourism, Technology) is being expanded within the state in each field. Now UP has not only express highway but also I-way (internet). The focus is on broadband optical fibre network. In 58,000 gram panchayats, work is being done to construct village secretariats. We have scale as well as skill and the speed has also increased in 6 years. We are focusing on tapping the potential of the state for its advantage. The state constitutes 11-12 poercent of the agricultural land in the country, but produces 19-20 percent, which can be increased three times.

10 sectors identified for developing state into $1 trillion economy
The CM said that keeping in mind these capabilities of UP, the government is going ahead with its mission $1 triilion for the state’s development. He added that 10 sectors have been identified for this, on which continuous work is going on. “I wanted to discuss the one trillion dollar economy. The SP walked out when the Sustainable Development Goals were discussed, poverty alleviation, education, health, upliftment of farmers, empowerment of mother power were discussed for 36 hours. SP was missing, except Shivpal ji. The party is not interested in development and this is why, people have rejected SP.

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If banking business increases youth will get more opportunities
Between 2012-2017, the banking business in UP was worth 12,79,995 crores which increased to 22.6 lakh crores between 2017-22. Earlier, the entrepreneurs and youth here used to get 46 percent loan from banks, today it is more than 55 percent. In 17 to 22, a loan of 9 lakh 52 thousand crores has been disbursed. This is a glimpse of how banks and financial institutions are becoming the medium to fulfill the aspirations of the youth of UP. It is creating employment, encourages private investment, respects artisans and manpower and works to bring balance in the economy. As the country works to bring more production capacity in front of the world, the state moves forward in the same direction.

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