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What is Momo challenge going viral on internet after blue whale game?

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After the end of suicidal Blue Whale game that went viral on the internet last year and killed many youngsters who took up the challenge, another such game named momo challenge is breaking storm on the internet. Momo challenge is allegedly said to be the reason behind the death of a 12-year-old girl from Argentina.

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According to the information given by the reports, momo challenge is not related to fast food consumption instead it is a social media account similar to Facebook, YouTube and Whatsapp. It uses artwork that shows a woman with scary features. Much like the ‘Blue Whale’, the Momo Challenge also pushes participants to follow certain “orders” after they are asked to communicate with an unknown number. If players refuse to abide, they are threatened with violent images.

Talking to the media regarding the scary death challenge, famous YouTuber ReignBot said that Momo is connected to at least three phone numbers in Japan, Colombia and Mexico. He added that someone contacting these numbers is likely “to be met with insults, implications that this person knows your personal information and most notably disturbing images I would not be able to show you here”.

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