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When it comes to aspirations for the future, don’t just sit ! Read weekly horoscope for Dec 6-12 

By Saima Siddiqui 
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With the Sun and Mercury shining in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, you’re in Ram freedom-bunny mode! On Wednesday, racy Mars and restless Jupiter rev up your adventurous, impatient side. So this week will work best if you experiment and explore, stretch well beyond your comfort zone, and fraternise with a stimulating crowd. But you could receive confusing information about a friend or a planned trip. So do some stringent fact checking and try to be extra patient.


Dynamic Mars is transiting through your relationship zone so a problem with a loved one should start to improve, as long as you are proactive about finding a solution. When it comes to your aspirations for the future, don’t just dream about them. You need a practical plan (and the cooperation of others) to turn them into robust reality. The weekend stars highlight intense conversations and creative communication, as you connect with family and friends from foreign shores. 


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Geminis can easily become confused and side-tracked by the busyness and minutiae of daily life. But the more you concentrate on the needs of others, the better the week will be. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto stimulating your relationship zones, you’re in a romantic and flirtatious frame of mind. So it’s the perfect time to pamper your partner with lashings of love and extra TLC. Are you sick and tired of being single? Sparks could fly with a lusty Leo or a sexy Sagittarian.


Attached Crabs – this week’s Venus/Pluto conjunction is perfect for cementing your commitment to your partner, as you find extra romantic ways to show your affection. Singles – give superficial suitors a wide berth. Look for lasting love with a tender Taurus or a soulful Scorpio. And with the Sun and Mercury activating your wellbeing zone, don’t just talk about improving your fitness levels. It’s time to jump off the comfy couch and get physical in the great outdoors! 


The focus is on friends, as the Sun and Mercury move through your friendship zone. But don’t let your peer group influence you too much. The planets encourage you to be your own person and do your own thing. So your motto for the moment is from this week’s birthday great, singer-songwriter Jim Morrison “A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.” Creativity is high on the weekend, but don’t let your tendency to gossip come between you and others.

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Home is where the heart is as the Sun and Mercury move through your domestic zone. So it’s a good time to communicate with family members in creative ways. Avoid sending mixed messages though (especially on Tuesday). The Mercury/Jupiter link could send a lucky opportunity your way on the weekend. But you must recognise good fortune when it comes along (and be thoroughly prepared) or it will pass you by. Unhappily single? Love and friendship are linked.


The Venus-Pluto conjunction will help you power through projects with plenty of passion and a practical plan. So don’t waste the opportunity to get things done! The combination of energy and endurance is a winning double. But avoid being uncharacteristically rash with cash and credit (especially on Wednesday). And is it time to express your humanitarian side? Think of ways you can contribute your numerous Libran talents to a worthy cause within your local community.


Pluto (your patron planet) starts the week making beautiful music with Mars and ends the week linking up with vivacious Venus. So your natural charm and magnetism are readily available, as you tap into your inner power and let your Scorpio light shine for the world to see! But are you experiencing financial problems? If you broaden your perspective and think outside the box, then Mercury and Jupiter will help you find a solution via a creative lightbulb moment.

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The Sun and Mercury are moving through your sign this week, which activates your spontaneous Sagittarian side. But avoid overcommitting and promising more than you can actually deliver. The weekend stars encourage you to tie up loose ends before you launch new ventures. The more energy and focus you put into current projects, the less confused you’ll feel. Make it a priority to communicate clearly, do your homework thoroughly and check all details as you proceed.


Avoid being an over-critical and over-committed Capricorn. You’ve got a lot on your plate but don’t struggle on alone. Family, friends and colleagues are happy to help – if you let them. When you pool your talents with like-minded souls, magical things happen! Venus and Pluto boost your charisma on the weekend, so make the most of it and call in a few old favours. If you combine a can-do attitude with a collaborative approach, then you’ll have a pleasant and productive week.


This week the Sun and Mercury stimulate your friendship and eccentricity zone; Venus, Mars and Pluto fire up your imagination; and Jupiter encourages you to express your authentic self. So it’s time to network within your peer group and extended social circle, as you get your quirky Aquarian ideas out into the world. Be inspired by singer-songwriter Jim Morrison (who was born on December 8, 1943). “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.”

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