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When nothing feels right read horoscope to clear your mind, Weekly prediction for June 21-27

By Saima Siddiqui 
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Resist the overwhelming urge to be an impulsive and impetuous Ram! Under the influence of retrograde Mercury turning direct and the Full Supermoon, you need to apply the brakes and think before you speak and act. Otherwise, you could upset others with your hasty words and reckless actions. When it comes to your career ambitions, the main quality you need to cultivate is patience. So your motto for the week is “Good things come to those who wait.”


You’re keen to exercise your Bullish brain as you talk, text, tweet, post, publish and converse in increasingly creative ways. If communication problems arise then take the time to discuss and dissect issues with the people involved. Then you’ll start to see the current situation from a much more balanced perspective. It’s also time to put aside pre-conceived concepts (that aren’t working) and examine old beliefs in a progressive and philosophical new light.


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Communication looks strained on Monday and Tuesday so be careful you’re not drawn into a disagreement, either in person or online. Things should gradually improve from Wednesday onwards, when Mercury’s moving forwards. Then Thursday night’s Full Supermoon shines a spotlight on money, business, property, investments, taxes and joint finances so make sure they are all in practical working order. A professional opportunity could really take flight.


With the Sun transiting into Cancer, look for a creative or humanitarian project that you can really sink your teeth into. Thursday night’s Full Supermoon lights up your relationship zone so resist the temptation to be a moody and clingy Crab. Helping other people – and putting their wellbeing first – is the key to a satisfying week. Be inspired by actress Meryl Streep (who turns 72 on Tuesday). “The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.”


Don’t be a wall-flower Leo! Mars is marching through your sign (until July 29) and there’s a morale-boosting Sun-Jupiter trine (on Wednesday). So do your best to promote yourself big time, as you push forward in a positive and proactive way. You also have much to gain from sharing ideas with a compatible colleague or a creative friend, as Mercury moves forwards in your peer group zone. Confidence is the rocket fuel that will take you to exciting new places!

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The main prerequisite you need is plenty of patience! Expect frustrations involving work, when retrograde Mercury slow things down on Monday and Tuesday. Then the Sun and Jupiter fire up partnerships (of the romantic and platonic variety). So do your best to get the relationship balance right between spontaneity and planning; between independence and intimacy. Self-expression is also favoured, as the Full Supermoon activates your Virgo creativity zone.


Polite Librans are the peacemakers of the zodiac. And you’ll definitely need your diplomacy skills this week, as the Full Supermoon stimulates your home zone and you feel as if you’re stuck in an episode of Family Feud! So do your best to build firm foundations and foster affection at Villa Libra. Courtesy of Mercury moving forward, Wednesday onwards is a good time to educate your mind, expand your peer group and make creative new connections.


Be careful that possessive attitudes and jealous behaviour don’t derail a close relationship. Channel your intense energy into a creative or educational project. Draw inspiration from singer-songwriter Carly Simon (who was born on June 25, 1945). “There’s always a creative side to me, even when it’s quiet musically … like painting, decorating or planting a garden.” Plus aim to be more proactive about protecting your neighbourhood and local environment.

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Is it always appropriate to be fearlessly frank? And is honesty always the best policy? Your natural inclination is to be incredibly blunt but is everyone ready for your special brand of Sagittarian truth serum? This week the planets stir up your secrets zone, so a dollop of discretion and a pinch of diplomacy will smooth troubled waters. If you’re smart, then you’ll talk a lot less and listen a lot more, as you hold your tongue and uncover a mystery (or two).


Venus opposes Pluto (in Capricorn) and there’s a Full Supermoon in your sign, which boosts your drive and ambition. But it will also fan your control-freak tendencies, which could end up alienating others. Remember – the only person you can control is yourself! So turbo-charge your personal evolution, as you tap into your leadership skills and steer your life in a positive new direction. Mercury moves forwards, so Wednesday onwards is the time to power through paperwork.


Courtesy of Pluto and the Full Supermoon, you’re keen to follow humanitarian or spiritual pursuits. You’ll seek out the wise counsel of a trusted mentor or play that role yourself to someone who is looking for judicious guidance. You’ll also question your inner motivations, which can be confronting. But a soulful examination of your interior life will give you the self-knowledge and confidence to let your quintessential Aquarian nature and unique talents shine.


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Monday’s Venus/Neptune trine favours art, music, beauty and romance. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are good days to spend quality time with friends and relatives, as the Full Supermoon lights up your peer group zone and Mercury moves forwards in your domestic zone. Loved ones will appreciate your kind heart and tender loving care. Be inspired by birthday great, Meryl Streep “My family really does come first. It always has and always will.”

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