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Why Mahatma Gandhi’s picture feature on Indian currency?

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From being taught in the school about the legendary freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi, everyone grew up studying history and especially studying the efforts that our freedom fighters took to free up our country from the British rule. During the British era, Mahatma Gandhi initiated several measures like ‘Dandi March’, ‘Ahinsa’, ‘The Young India Movement’ to name a few which set him apart from others.

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While many of us do not know that in early 90’s the Indian currency featured the image of ‘Ashoka Pillar’ and then later on the image of Mahatma Gandhi came into existence on the Indian currency. In the recent past, there have been many discussions and debates on why only amongst all other freedom fighters Mahatma Gandhi’s picture was used as a watermark on the Indian currency.

Apart from all the viewpoints, the Reserve Bank of India explains the reason behind choosing Gandhiji’s image is that unlike the previous currencies, which had only inanimate objects that could be easily forfeit; the current ones would be hard to forge.

This reason came after certain parliamentary debates where leaders voiced their thoughts on featuring other eminent freedom fighters image on the currency.

Back in the history, people did not usually put forward logical questions on any change that was happening around them, maybe the reason was they being uneducated or dependent. But today, there are many people all over the world who have one question regarding Mahatma Gandhi’s image on Indian currency which is left unanswered and no appropriate reason either from the history or from the modern era have been given for the question.

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