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Wife Teejay’s open letter to Bigg Boss, asks reason of mistreating Karanvir on the show

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Since all the Bigg Boss fans could clearly make out few things that always go wrong and right on the show from the makers themselves likewise in the 12th season there have been several times when the host of the show Salman Khan say funny things about few contestants but this has made Karanvir’s wife Teejay a bit upset about the way her husband is being treated on the show.

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Openly voicing her concerns and questions regarding the misbehavior from the makers of the show, Teejay has written an open letter to the show and posted it on her instagram handle asking where Karanvir went wrong that he is being subjected to such ill-behavior.

She wrote, “Respected Bigg Boss team.. I saw the Sunday Weekend ka War and wanted to share some thoughts with you.
First of all, I don’t know if myself or KV have upset you guys in any way. but if we have, I sincerely apologize. It seems you are upset with KV about something, but we don’t know what. Every weekend, KV is ridiculed and it is hard to see him being demoralized like this. At first, I just thought it was harmless leg-pulling, and even defended the same But after last night’s episode there seems to be something more to it.”

“KT was told he had no ‘Fizz’, that he probably never did, and wouldn’t even after BB. He is a celebrated actor who has done only hit shows—Kasauti Zindagi Kay- India’s number one show. ‘Saubhan’avatiBhava: Life OK’s number one show, and recently, Naagin2 on this very channel: another number one show. He is a highly respected, award-winning actor and a fine human being. Please appreciate the years of hard work it has taken to earn this respect,” she added.

She then recounted how he is being subjected to double standards on the show. “When people made fun of Rohit’s purple shorts, they were questioned about it. Whatever KV wears on WKW, he is always ridiculed. Whether it’s his hair, his clothes, his look. It’s wrong to shame someone for the way they look, or how they dress,” she said.

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“Since the first day, he has respected the format of the show. Unlike others, he has not tried to leave. He has not spoken against Bigg Boss or the channel. He has not used any abusive language, he has given his best in every task and whenever be is wrong, he has apologized. With utmost dignity he has handled everything. I can understand some joking around can happen but this is a bit much. Please remember KV is a father of two little girls. He is someone’s son and someone’s husband. His entertainment fraternity is also deeply upset about all this. Please understand I am venting out of concern, and with the utmost respect. I would be very grateful to get some clarity on this. I have many people to answer to. Please tell me what I should say,” she added.

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