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With this New Year make new resolutions, read weekly horoscope for Jan 3-9

By Saima Siddiqui 
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With this New Year make new resolutions, read weekly horoscope for Jan 3-9


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Eager Rams love starting projects but often lack follow-through, so you can miss the Career Success Boat because you are rushing around and rarely finish things. But this week the Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto are all moving through your job zone. So it’s time to complete an ambitious project with a fiery flourish! But remember Venus is retrograde, so make sure you double-check your work and are extra diplomatic with colleagues, clients and/or customers.


This week the focus is on education, foreign connections and travel (in Covid-safe ways). Jupiter promises increased interactions with friends and colleagues whereas Saturn highlights work meetings and business conferences, either in-person or online. If you’re on vacation, then you may have to catch up with an urgent work matter. Venus is still retrograde so a personal belief that was previously sacrosanct may be revisited, re-examined and reversed.


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With bountiful Jupiter (planet of aspirations, big business and good luck) now activating your career zone, 2022 is a terrific year to tap into your entrepreneurial side and turn an innovative idea into a productive and prosperous venture. And this week is the perfect time to formulate a plan and then get started as the Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto visit practical Capricorn. When it comes to a frustrating relationship problem, be proactive about finding a solution.


No less than five planets are powering through your partnership zones. If you’re attached, avoid being a clingy and co-dependent Crab. Strive to nurture your sweetheart in positive, passionate and productive ways. Are you unhappily single? Venus reverses through your love zone until January 29, so any dating experiences are likely to be disappointing. Expect you may have to kiss a few frogs before you finally find your Prince (or Princess) Charming!


The waning New Moon highlights your wellbeing zone so it’s a good time to start a healthy new diet or a challenging exercise routine. With innovative Uranus racing through your career zone, big changes are coming at work. If you want to survive and thrive in 2022, then you need to keep one step ahead of the professional pack. So your motto is from David Bowie (who was born on January 8) “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.”

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This week four planets fire up your zone of friends, hobbies and entertainment. So you have a strong desire to mix with your peer group but expect some frustrations along the way. If you are extra diplomatic and focus on the positives, then any temporary problems will soon be resolved. Your motto is from writer (and birthday great) Kahlil Gibran, who was born on January 6. “In the sweetness of friendship; let there be laughter and the sharing of pleasures.”


As you settle into the new rhythms of 2022, home is where the heart is. You’ll enjoy spending quality time with loved ones, as you beautify your living space and get stuck into an overdue DIY project. But remember Venus is reversing through your family zone until January 29. So you’ll need to approach domestic matters with extra tact and sensitivity. On the weekend, resist the temptation to get carried away and overspend at the New Year Sales.


The waning New Moon encourages you to reach out and help others, both within your circle of family and friends and within your neighbourhood. The close community connections you foster now will prove beneficial in the year ahead. But steer clear of negative thinkers! Make sure the people around you are a powerful influence in positive ways. With impulsive Mars racing through your money zone, avoid going overboard at the New Year Sales.

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The times they are a’changing! And are you feeling worried that you can’t keep up with the constant frantic pace? Dynamic Mars moves through your sign (until January 24) so strive to be as proactive as possible. Other people are looking to you for leadership. Motivation for the week is from singer and activist Joan Baez (who was born on January 9, 1941) “Action is the antidote to despair.” The weekend is a wonderful time to socialise with family and friends.


The planetary focus is firmly on you as the Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto all power through Capricorn. You’ll be at your creative, charming best … and your demanding, controlling worst! If someone pushes your emotional buttons, cool down and compromise otherwise you’re likely to over-react and make the situation worse. Peace-planet Venus is retrograde until January 29, so you’ll find a dash of diplomacy will get you a lot further than bossy behaviour.


On Monday morning the Sun, Moon, Pluto and retrograde Venus are visiting your solitude and spirituality zone. So activities like meditation, prayer and yoga will prepare you for the busy week ahead. With Saturn still sauntering through your sign, substantial success will take time to manifest and you’ll have to be satisfied with small, incremental accomplishments along the way. Your motto is from birthday great, J. R. R. Tolkien “Little by little, one travels far.”


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The Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto stimulate your peer group zone, so surround yourself with friends and colleagues who celebrate your talents and encourage your dreams. Expect a mid-week creativity surge when Neptune and Venus stimulate your fertile imagination. It’s important that you tap into the Piscean muse within. As actress, director, writer, photographer (and birthday great) Diane Keaton says, “I want to keep expressing myself until I’m not alive.”

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