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Woman Accused of Hiding Father’s Remains to Fraudulently Claim Military Pension

Authorities in Taiwan uncovered a disturbing case of pension fraud, where a woman allegedly concealed her deceased father's remains in her home for years to illegitimately claim his military pension.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Woman Accused of Hiding Father’s Remains to Fraudulently Claim Military Pension

A disturbing case has emerged from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where a woman stands accused of concealing her deceased father’s bones in a garbage bag to unlawfully claim his military pension. The woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, reportedly lived with her father for over five decades before the shocking discovery came to light.

Suspicion Arises Over Dengue-Prevention Inspection

The woman’s actions first came under scrutiny when authorities attempted to conduct dengue-prevention chemical spraying within her residence. Her refusal to permit entry raised suspicions, resulting in a fine of NT $60,000 (approximately ₹1.5 lakh), and prompting further investigation into her circumstances.

Deceptive Claims Unravel Under Police Scrutiny

Initial inquiries revealed conflicting accounts regarding the whereabouts of the woman’s father. Initially, she asserted he resided in a nursing home, but under intensified questioning, her narrative changed, alleging her brother had taken their father to the mainland.

Truth Exposed: Bones Discovered in Garbage Bag

Police inquiries soon unearthed the unsettling truth. Contrary to her claims, the woman’s father had not left Taiwan, and her purported brother had been deceased for five decades. The discovery of a black plastic garbage bag containing the elderly man’s bones within her home confirmed the deceitful extent of her actions.

Military Pension Fraud Allegations

The woman’s father, a military veteran with over two decades of service, was entitled to a monthly pension based on his rank and service record. The exact details of his military history remain undisclosed, but the average monthly pension for Taiwanese military veterans stands at NT $49,379 (nearly ₹1.2 lakh).

Legal Ramifications and Further Investigation

In addition to facing allegations of pension fraud, the woman is under investigation for her role in concealing her father’s remains and the circumstances surrounding his death. Authorities are diligently probing the matter to uncover any additional details surrounding this distressing case.

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