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Women’s day special: Lucknow has several women contributors making the difference

By Team Pardaphash 
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International Women’s day is celebrated on March 8 to mark the roles played by women in our society that can be in any form be it educational, social, cultural or domestic. Lucknow has several names that are contributing their bit for the society and are turning out to be role models for the younger generation.

Prof. Nishi Pandey

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Nishi Pandey, Initernational women day, Luckno

Nishi Pandey Women’s day

Making a mark in the field of Academics, professor Nishi Pandey has been the motivational factor for many students, researchers of different fields. Her dominating nature has lead to several reforms at the ground level that could not have been implemented without her aggressive approach for the betterment of the society.

There has been several occasions when Professor has been the reason for the success of women who have earlier been hesitant to step out and make their presence felt in the society.

Talking exclusively to pardaphash.com sub-editor Gaurav Chhabra, Professor Nishi Pandey said: On the occasion of International women’s day, she went on to say that women are already occupying huge space in education sector as jobs like teaching have always been an open career choice for them. In fact the interesting part is that there are more of girls who are occupying space in universities and are coming forward to take admission in different education genre.

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Laying emphasis on the changes that should be made in the education sector in order to improve the existing scenario and the apathy on women, Professor Nishi Pandey on the occasion of International Women’s Day, said that Gender sensitization should be made a particular subject in schools and that it is necessary to make gender sensitization a part of the syllabus from grade 1 and 2 in order to improve the ground level implementation.

She further added that it is a good sign that Muslim women are coming forward and studying while more of Muslim girls are scoring good marks and securing good jobs in the society.

Talking about the sanitary problems in the country, she stated that it is not always necessary that the government should be responsible for building toilets and why do we wait for the government to take action when a toilet in public place is not maintained. Privatising the responsibility of maintaining the sanitation is necessary as it is a question of will.

Questioning the responsibility of people as the citizen of India, she said, “How is it that we begin to speak when we are not taking responsibility for our own actions, do we take care of keeping the public toilets clean? Instead of blaming the government always but it is now time for us to take the initiative for maintenance of toilets and realize our responsibility.”

Neha Anand

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Consultant psychological counselor, psychotherapist, advance life coach, Nlp master practitioner lives in Lucknow. Here are the excerpts from the interview she gave to Gaurav Chhabra.

Your say on women empowerment

We talk about women empowerment in every other seminar or talks now days. The discourse has been evolved and frequent over decades but irony is that there are many issues still persisting and challenging women’s space and dignity it is still difficult to exercise the rights in order to retain power.

What is your perspective on current issues that women are facing?

Women still can’t claim streets as their own and walking down late at night haunts them. Despite of many govt initiates they still don’t roam freely. The policies and initiatives seem futile. No matter how empowered they have become they are lacking leadership and political roles in our country, paid less than men, feel unprotected when stay single and more bothered about what other people will say if they decide not to get married or not to plan a baby.

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They are being criticised over their careers aspirations and not by taking decision of get married. Government must make skill based training mandatory for women so that they can be more financially independent. They can stand against perpetrators and pesky. They can be more self confident if they are financially stable.

Your take on the girl child abuse

The cases of child abuse are statistically more takes place within the known spheres. Even if the child wants to reveal what happened to them or some relative did it to them most of the times they are not being heard and understood. By thinking “Log Kya Kahenge” their family members suppress their voices. They need to be aware of their own rights in order to take privilege of those laws.

Your message for women to carry positive approach

More awareness initiatives must be conducted so that we all understand our responsibility towards making our women empowered we can say we have achieved the wanted and deserved standard of life with respect and dignity.

By- Story compiled by Prishita Rathi

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