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World Cancer Day: Some advice and awareness by experts

By Team Pardaphash 
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Celebrated on February 4th all over the world, World Cancer Day is a day that was created to raise awareness about cancer and to encourage people to prevent and detect it, as well as to continue to search for new treatments for it. However, its main goal is to seriously reduce the instances of illness and death by cancer by the year 2020. Cancer burden in India has more than doubled over the last 26 years.

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On this, Dr Harshvardhan Atreya, Medical Oncologist, Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospital told that usually patient goes into depression when comes across such decease. In that matter, patient shall not panic. There has been considerable progress in the successful treatment of cancer in past years. When we talk about surgery and biopsy, people still has misconceptions that the chance that surgery will cause cancer to spread to other parts of the body.

Following standard procedures, surgeons use special methods and take many steps to prevent cancer cells from spreading during biopsies or surgery to remove tumors. Probability of cancer spreading from biopsy or surgery is negligible. Nowadays it is possible to remove the cancer completely with the help of new technology and surgery at early stage itself. The two main reasons your doctor might suggest a biopsy are to get a tissue sample of your cancer for better diagnosis in order to help pick the most effective drug therapy, and to prove you have cancer before undertaking a risky treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

Dr Harshvardhan Atreya further sorts through the truth and the hype around superfoods helps cure cancer. The term “superfood,” a relatively new term, refers to foods like Berry fruit, broccoli, tomato, garlic that claim to have exceptional health benefits. So superfoods really do not have enough scientific evidence and research to support many of the claims that we hear or that we think we hear in reducing the risk or promoting survivorship for a particular kind of cancer. Of course a well-balanced and enjoyable diet as the best way to keep healthy, there is no evidence that these diets can shrink a cancer, increase a person’s chance of survival, or cure the cancer.

According to Dr. Harshvardhan Atreya, if a person starts losing weight, feels sudden discomfort, loss of appetite, excess bleeding during menstruation, unnecessary bleeding from body, change in bowel habits, then you should urgently refer medical practitioner without any delay. We should go for regular checks from time to time so that we can know about any disorder taking place in our body.

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