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Chhinnamastika Temple, the World’s Second-Largest Shaktipeeth

Today, we will unveil the magnificence of a Shaktipeeth that not only holds significance within the country but also stands as the second-largest Shaktipeeth globally.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Chhinnamastika Temple, the World’s Second-Largest Shaktipeeth

Jharkhand : Nestled approximately 80 km away from thecapital of Jharkhand, Ranchi, the Chhinnamastika Temple stands as a testament to the spiritual fervor and ancient mysticism of the region. This sacred abode is dedicated to Maa Chhinnamastika, where devotees venerate the headless form of the Goddess, making it the second-largest Shaktipeeth among the revered 51 Shaktipeeths globally.

A Tapestry of Legends

The temple’s glory dates back to the Mahabharata period, boasting a history that spans over 6000 years. According to local legends, the divine narrative revolves around Maa Chhinnamastika sacrificing her own head to satiate the intense hunger of her friends during a bath in the Ganga. This selfless act, depicted in the temple’s divine form, portrays the Goddess holding a sword in her right hand and a severed head in her left, with streams of blood symbolizing the profound sacrifice.

Tantric Haven and Rituals

Renowned as a haven for Tantra Sadhana practitioners, the Chhinnamastika Temple witnesses daily rituals involving the sacrifice of 150-200 animals. Devotees engage in spiritual practices to attain Siddhi, utilizing the 13 Havan Kunds within the temple premises. It is believed that Maa Chhinnamastika roams the premises alone at night, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of the temple.

Pilgrimage to Fulfill Wishes

The temple draws pilgrims from various states, particularly during the auspicious Shardiya Navratri, when the influx of devotees reaches its zenith. Worshippers believe that by paying homage to Maa Chhinnamastika, their wishes will be fulfilled. The temple’s divine aura and the mesmerizing form of the Goddess attract devotees, not only from Jharkhand but also from Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

How to reach Chhinnamastika Temple

For those seeking a spiritual odyssey, reaching the Chhinnamastika Temple is facilitated by different modes of transportation:

By Flight: The nearest airport is in Ranchi, approximately 70 km away. From Ranchi, one can hire a cab or catch a bus to reach Rajrappa.

By Train: The most convenient rail route is to Ramgarh Railway Station, located around 28 km from the temple. From the station, visitors can hire a bus or taxi directly to Rajarappa.

By Road: Accessible by bus or private vehicles, the Chhinnamastika Temple welcomes pilgrims through well-connected road networks.

Embark on a journey to this divine sanctum, where the ancient echoes of devotion and mysticism resonate, and experience the profound spirituality that the Chhinnamastika Temple has preserved.

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