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Mizoram’s Tourism Flourishes: Welcomes Over 1.96 Lakh Visitors in 2023

Mizoram witnessed a surge in tourism during 2023, hosting a staggering 1,96,000 visitors, as revealed by the state's Tourism department. Domestic travelers constituted the majority, with 1,93,445 arrivals, while 3,435 were foreign tourists .

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Mizoram’s Tourism Flourishes: Welcomes Over 1.96 Lakh Visitors in 2023

In a testament to Mizoram’s burgeoning allure, the state’s tourism sector witnessed a remarkable surge in 2023, hosting a staggering 1,96,000 visitors, reveals the latest data from the state’s Tourism Department. Domestic tourists dominated the influx, accounting for 1,93,445 arrivals, while 3,435 foreign visitors explored the state’s scenic vistas, underlining Mizoram’s growing global appeal.

International Interest Peaks: Americans Lead the Charge

Foreign tourists, including 1,162 Americans, explored Mizoram’s enchanting landscapes, alongside visitors from Japan, Australia, Israel, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The diverse influx highlights Mizoram’s emergence as a favored destination for international travelers seeking pristine natural beauty and cultural immersion.

Steady Recovery Amidst Challenges:

Despite facing a dip in tourist footfall during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mizoram’s tourism sector has exhibited resilience and recovery. From a peak of over 2.22 lakh visitors in the preceding year, the state’s careful management and safety measures have facilitated a steady resurgence in tourism activity.

Natural Splendor and Cultural Heritage:

Mizoram’s allure lies in its rich tapestry of landscapes, featuring verdant hills, tranquil valleys, and majestic waterfalls. Tourist hotspots such as Reiek Tlang, Vantawng Falls, and Phawngpui peak beckon travelers with their breathtaking beauty, showcasing the state’s natural bounty and cultural heritage.

Championing Responsible Tourism:

Guided by a ‘responsible’ tourism policy, Mizoram prioritizes sustainable development, community empowerment, and environmental conservation. Through initiatives aimed at leveraging tourism for local development while safeguarding natural resources, the state exemplifies a commitment to responsible tourism practices.

Streamlined Travel Regulations:>
Foreign travelers to Mizoram now enjoy simplified entry procedures, with the abolishment of Protected Area Permit (PAP) requirements, except for nationals from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China. However, all foreign visitors must adhere to immigration regulations by registering at the Foreigner Registration Office in Aizawl within 24 hours of arrival, ensuring seamless compliance with travel protocols.

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