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PM Modi Promises to Develop India, with Purvanchal Leading the Way

PM Narendra Modi is on Purvanchal tour today to campaign in favor of BJP candidates in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. Addressing public meetings in Azamgarh and Jaunpur, he sought assurance of victory of the party candidates. During this he gave Modi's guarantee to the people.

By: Rekha Joshi  Pardaphash Group
PM Modi Promises to Develop India, with Purvanchal Leading the Way

PM Modi said that it is my pledge to make a developed India and the growth engine of developed India will be Purvanchal, Eastern India. This entire area is becoming a strong hub of health and education. During this, he said that in the coming five years, both the picture and destiny of Modi-Yogi Purvanchal are going to change. During his address in Jaunpur, PM Modi said that lotus flowers have bloomed in Mashleeshahar, we should go from here confident of victory, right?

PM Modi said that I will not let him do this politics as long as I am alive. These Congress people have brought an X-ray machine, there is a need to be careful with it. I have been watching since a week that his X-ray machine has gone for repairing. Congress said that they will X-ray your property and will snatch whatever is in excess. Tell me, will you people let us snatch it?

He said that I will create 3 crore lakhpati didis in the country. If you go to anyone’s house, tell them that Modi has guaranteed that whoever has not got a house, who has not got a gas connection, will get everything. I have decided to reduce the electricity bill of your house also to zero. Not only this, the government will buy the electricity generated at your home and give you money. Another guarantee of Modi is that your son Modi will take care of the treatment of your parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents. On one hand, Modi is focused on providing justice through satisfaction. At the same time, Indi alliance is trying to divide the country through appeasement. Ram temple found after 500 years or not? SP people insult Kashi.

We are building AIIMS. Our path is to give satisfaction to everyone. The aim of Indi alliance, BSP etc is appeasement. During their governments, crimes were committed against teachers, kutcha houses, open defecation etc. were insulted. How the poor have to live in poverty. There is no ration, no electricity, their houses were taken over by the land mafia. Modi’s appeasement changed this situation. In UP, the government broke the back of the land mafia. Ration will be sent from Mumbai only on the ration card of Jaunpur. Modi made women the bosses.

Modi implemented One Nation One Ration Card. 50 lakh permanent houses have been found in UP. One lakh houses have been found in Jaunpur alone. Will every mother bless Modi or not? These EVMs shout, this is not a game of EVMs, they are the blessings of every mother. I occasionally visit the houses of the beneficiaries. Toilets and gas cylinders are available in most of the houses. Mafia used to take over land and houses. When they came back, they did not get anything. Now Modi has given a model of satisfaction. The BJP government in UP has broken the back of the mafia.

Now if you want to become a doctor or engineer, then even if you study the language of your village, you will become a doctor. Will become an engineer. Now the son of a poor mother will also become a doctor. The daughter of a poor mother will also become a doctor. This path has been opened for becoming an engineer and examination in Hindi, but you know Congress and Hindi alliance oppose this also. Friends, BJP does not want a bright future for your children. It understands the aspirations of the youth and works for them. OBC reservation has been implemented in medical examination, we have given 10% reservation to the general poor also, Modi government has made strict law against paper leak mafia, it is our government which is building medical colleges in every district.

Jaunpur is the district that gives IAS and IPS to the country. Medical and engineering studies were earlier done in English, if your child speaks English then only his path opens. How will a poor son learn English? Will a poor son not become an engineer and a doctor? Now in his village language. If you go to BHU after studying, you will become a doctor and engineer. Now we have opened the way for studies in Hindi and examinations in Hindi.

PM Modi said that when I build an expressway, the people of Jaunpur benefit. People benefit greatly from Kashi Airport. In the coming five years, Modi and Yogi are going to change both the picture and destiny of Purvanchal. Earlier Mumbai and Delhi were discussed in the talk of development, now the country also talks about Kashi and Ayodhya. Such a large number of mothers and sisters are making the great festival of democracy, what greater blessing can be required than this?

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