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Special Polling Stations Set Up for Displaced Voters in Manipur

With over 5,000 IDPs affected by the violence, the establishment of 29 special polling stations across the state stands as a testament to the commitment towards ensuring electoral inclusivity.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Special Polling Stations Set Up for Displaced Voters in Manipur

Imphal : Ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, Manipur authorities have established 29 special polling stations to enable over 5,000 internally displaced persons to vote, despite recent ethnic tensions. The move aims to facilitate the democratic process in the region, marked by recent violence.

Government Initiative to Facilitate Voting

Imphal West Deputy Commissioner Kiran Kumar announced the setup of special polling stations, guided by the central government’s directive, to accommodate IDPs in Manipur. This initiative aims to provide a platform for disenfranchised individuals to exercise their democratic right, despite the challenges posed by their displacement.

Tailored Solutions for Displaced Voters

Deputy Commissioner Kumar elaborated on the voting process, stating that those displaced within the district will cast their votes at their designated polling stations with transportation services provided. For individuals from other parliamentary constituencies relocated to Imphal West due to the unrest, special polling stations have been set up. A total of 29 such stations are designated for Inner Manipur, ensuring accessibility for those affected.

Inclusive Democracy at Relief Camps

Not stopping there, officials are planning to establish polling stations at relief camps to facilitate voting for all displaced persons. The assurance was given that every individual will be afforded the opportunity to exercise their voting rights.

Peaceful Elections Amidst Enhanced Security Measures

Addressing concerns over the security situation, Deputy Commissioner Kumar emphasized the return of normalcy to Manipur. He assured the public of heightened security measures, particularly at vulnerable polling stations manned by Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) personnel. The number of these stations is set to increase, reflecting the current state of affairs in the region.

Vigilance Against Misinformation: Monitoring Social Media

Additionally, the official underscored the monitoring of social media platforms to curb offensive or misleading content. Stringent vigilance is in place, with a commitment to swiftly act upon any posts that could disrupt the peaceful conduct of the elections.

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