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CM Yogi-led UP govt to set up 1.5 lakh toilets in Prayagraj for upcoming Mahakumbh 2025

Govt aims to keep Mahakumbh 2025 area 100% free from open defecation. Over 11,000 sanitation workers and volunteers to take up the responsibility for Mahakumbh

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
Updated Date

Lucknow: The Yogi government is gearing up to hold Mahakumbh 2025 not just as a unique and a grand event in terms of scale, but also in cleanliness. Under the guidance of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, preparations have already begun and efforts are being made to ensure that the event is 100 percent free from open defecation.

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The government is not only expanding the area of Kumbh but also placing significant emphasis on keeping the event’s sanctity. To achieve this, the government plans to set up approximately 1.5 lakh toilets throughout the entire Kumbh area, including more than 52,000 community toilets, over 53,000 toilets in various tents, more than 14,000 toilets on parking and approach roads, and over 20,000 public urinals.

The Chief Minister intends that the Mahakumbh 2025 should be completely open defecation free and to ensure cleanliness, the vast Kumbh area, spanning 4,000 hectares, will be divided into 25 sectors while a large number of sanitation workers will also be deployed.

Over 11,000 sanitation workers and volunteers to be deployed to maintain cleanliness

The Yogi government has fixed a budget of approximately Rs 2,500 crore for Mahakumbh 2025, of which it intends to spend over Rs 300 crore on maintaining cleanliness around ‘Kumbh area. The government also plans to fortify the entire Kumbh area.

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Furthermore, there will be over 25,000 dust/waste bins, 120 tipper-hopper trucks, 40 compactors, and a workforce comprising 9,800 sanitation workers and 1,800 sanitation volunteers to manage cleanliness across the entire fair area.

In order to maintain cleanliness within the Kumbh area, the Yogi government will deploy a substantial quantity of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) facilities. Among these, 15,000 FRP toilets with septic tanks and 10,000 FRP toilets with soak pits will be set up, primarily in community areas, camps, and arenas.

Additionally, approximately 20,000 FRP urinals will be set up in community areas while 22,000 pre-fabricated steel toilets with septic tanks and 17,000 pre-fabricated steel toilets with soak pits will be installed on the outskirts and parking zones of the fair area, as well as within government office camps. Furthermore, tent-style toilets will be established in various religious camps, totalling around 50,000 such facilities.

Toilets will be monitored through App

The primary focus will be on ensuring that 60 per cent of community toilets utilize septic tanks, while the remaining 40 rely on soak pits. The government will also prioritize their maintenance. In addition to regular maintenance and cleaning of these facilities, sanitation workers will ensure cleanliness by regularly assessing each toilet’s condition through an app.

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Furthermore, the Yogi government will also develop a web-based application for this. Besides, the team of Swachhagrahis (Sanitation Volunteers) will continuously monitor the toilets. Apart from this, 25,000 dust/waste bins will be installed to keep the fair area clean. These dust/waste bins of 20 kg capacity will be placed within a radius of 25 meters. These dustbins will be cleaned 3 times daily.

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