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Know some facts about Justice and Judiciary: Expert

Judiciary is an institution for establishment of justice ,thus, the focus of the judiciary should surround around delivering justice. But the real scenario is grave and threatening. Most judgments are prounced only to attach finality to the cases rather than for grant of justice.

By Ruchi Upadhyay 
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Lucknow: Judiciary is an institution for establishment of justice ,thus, the focus of the judiciary should surround around delivering justice. But the real scenario is grave and threatening. Most judgments are prounced only to attach finality to the cases rather than for grant of justice. Very conveniently the courts wears a face of helplessness and shifts the blame on the system lapse and damages to hide its inability to provide justice to the aggrieved. The question here is not who is or what parts of the system are blameworthy. The real and valid question is this shifting of blame serving the purpose of justice or not. In the recent past many such judgments have been passed by the Apex court in which the cases have been left unconcluded in the most pragmatic sense even though finality has been attached to such judgments. In such cases the victims are left in the most merciless state at there own fate to find justice.

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Let us examine the deciding factors of a case. In deciding a case the scales of justice in the hands of the blindfolded Statue of justice is supposed to be balanced. Its high time that we now reinvent the meaning of this archetype. For doing this we must first unlearn those typical colonial lessons of jurisprudence which has been tried and tested for years and proved to be a disaster for the true meaning of justice. The scales of justice represents a balance between the inner unseen world and the outer seen world. The blindfold represents the locked state from the outwards glits and lights to find the bright sparkling light within once own dark space.This dark space is the place for exploration of the ones own instincts to reach the place of pure light which is the embedded universal wisdom space. The statue represents a completely healed state of being. A completely healed state of being means having no traumas of past ,no fear or insecurities imposed either by external forces or internal forces. A being who has the courage to dive into the darkness of the inner unseen world and cleanse and purge the space to lead into the zone of independence and self empowerment. It also means a complete alignment of ones inner world of needs, security, creativity, sexuality, self-esteem, love, communication, perception, and understandingwith ones outer physical body and blending of ones inner identity with the outer operational physical body. This balancereached once manifests itself into a soul centric individual expanding them self from beyond the ego centric self , having a clear gender identity embodying the virtues of compassion and inner knowing. The red chair of justice awaits this complete being to adorn it and deliver justice. This being could be an individual or the institution itself. Individuals represents the systemsafterall.

The present state of functioning of the judiciary is based on an ego centric origins. Ego centricism is based on the premises of insecurities ,pride, fear, opportunism, distortions, ill perceived ideas, misconcieved concepts and lack of self expression. The testing period of judiciary has perhaps overreached its ripe period. The hue and cry for justice is rising every moment and the trust in the institution is falling every second. The emasculated or impotent procedures and processes used or set are insufficient tools for grant of justice. A valid constitution is one which alings itself with the purpose of the source energy or the universal creation itself. The limits and boundaries of the constitution should be tested against the universal laws rather than existing incapacitedrules of laws based on foundations of insatiable needs and greed’s of the human race. The role of the constitution should be in protecting the alignment of the human race with the universal purpose of creation which ultimately would lead in the manifestation of a balanced healed world providing justice a space to exist and expand.

Every human is carrying a universal system in themselves .Any dis alingment in this system causes disorders in the individual ,family, society, race , and the civilization. The learning and knowledge ,of purpose of existence and ways of survival as well the inherent duties and rights , are presented by the heavenly bodies and systems in the most optimal ways. Rejecting the source of origin is becoming suicidal for human race. The greatest form of injustice is rejection of self knowledge which ultimately leads to rejection of the self. The self proclaimed positioning of the human race in the universe has lead to the creation of the present civilization based on unjust rules of laws. This drought of justice in this world will only cause ruins and damages. The present legal system shows an absolute disregard to the existence of other species and creatures. Laws only catering to the ego self of humans and not serving the purpose of other species should be abolished as being redundant. Bread crumbing of other species with occasional rights and flexible laws will not serve the purpose of being human. A holistic approach to building constitutional laws based on cooperation and representing a kinder spirit view for the cosmosand its precious creations is the only way to restore back the justice on this planet. Lets slip away from the ego based justice system to a well balanced healthy and mighty soul based justice system.

From individualism to universalism. From fragmentations to oneness. From lost to found. From not Knowing to knowing. From only to all. From guilt to freedom. From looser to victor. From judging to granting.For Injustice is hurt .Hurt of emotions, body, spirit, and mind. Justice is healing. Healing is mending,sewing corrections, cleansing, cutting, alignment, rejuvenation, and renewal.

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written by Nikita Sharma
A lawyer and a Soul Alchemist

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