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New COVID Variant: Key Symptoms to Watch for as Centre Issues Advisory

JN.1 COVID Subvariant: Descendant of Pirola Variant with Origins in Omicron Subvariant.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
New COVID Variant: Key Symptoms to Watch for as Centre Issues Advisory

New Delhi : The emergence of the JN.1 Covid-19 subvariant, initially identified in Luxembourg, has triggered concerns in India. This descendant of the Pirola variant (BA.2.86), originating from the Omicron sub-variant, has contributed to a surge in active COVID-19 cases in the country, reaching 1,828, with one reported death in Kerala where JN.1 was recently detected. In response, the central government has issued advisories to state governments to enhance health arrangements.

Symptoms of JN.1 Variant:

Mild to Moderate Symptoms: The World Health Organization notes that symptoms associated with the JN.1 variant are generally mild to moderate.

Common Signs: Fever, runny nose, sore throat, and headaches are common symptoms.

Duration: Most patients experience mild upper respiratory symptoms, typically improving within four to five days.

Appetite Loss and Nausea: Loss of appetite and persistent nausea are potential indications of the JN.1 variant, requiring medical consultation.

Extreme Fatigue: Individuals infected with JN.1 may experience overwhelming exhaustion and muscle weakness, going beyond typical COVID-19 fatigue.

Gastrointestinal Issues: In rare cases, gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting and nausea may occur.

Transmission Concerns and Expert Recommendations:

Transmissibility: The CDC suggests that the surge in cases indicates potential higher transmissibility of JN.1 compared to other strains.

Preventive Measures: Dr. Jill Foster emphasizes the importance of wearing masks in crowded places, especially during holiday gatherings, to mitigate the risk of transmission.

Home Isolation: Currently, over 90% of Covid cases in India are mild, managed through home isolation.

As concerns rise, health authorities and experts urge heightened vigilance and adherence to preventive measures to curb the spread of the new JN.1 variant.

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