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Priyanka Gandhi announces return to power of MP with 5 announcements in Jabalpur

Priyanka Gandhi while addressing the people of Jabalpur said that this land has raised the flag of tribal culture. Great women have been born from this land.

By Team Pardaphash 
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MP Election 2023: Priyanka Gandhi, who decided the direction of Congress victory in Himachal and Karnataka, is now on her next mission, this time her target is Madhya Pradesh. Elections are to be held in the state by the end of this year, but Priyanka Gandhi has already started the effort.

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In this sequence, while starting the election campaign in Madhya Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi has announced five guarantees for the people of the state. He announced five guarantees while addressing a meeting in Jabalpur. He said that it would be implemented after the formation of the government in the state.

Actually, Priyanka Gandhi has started the election campaign in Madhya Pradesh from today. Assembly elections are going to be held here later this year. On the other hand, the Congress is also very excited about the victory in Karnataka. This is the reason why Priyanka Gandhi, while addressing the public meeting in Jabalpur, announced 5 guarantees even before the manifesto of the party. Let us tell you that the five guarantees of the Congress came in handy in the victory of Karnataka.

Priyanka Gandhi made five announcements

1. 1500 rupees will be given to women every month.

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2.Gas cylinder Rs.500. Will get

3.100 units electricity free. 200 units will be halved.

4. Will implement old pension scheme in Madhya Pradesh.

5. Farmers will complete the work of loan waiver.

Narmada Pujan in Madhya Pradesh election conch shell

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In Madhya Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi performed election conch shell with Narmada Pujan. She first reached Dumna airport and from there reached Gauri Ghat and worshiped Maa Narmada and blew the election conch shell. Priyanka Gandhi garlanded the statue of Gond queen Durgavati and then went to the venue of the public meeting. In his traditional style at Shaheed Smarak Park, he attacked the BJP along with enumerating the merits of the Congress.

BJP government targeted

Priyanka said that she did not spare Mahakal. Idols are flying in the wind. He didn’t even leave God. Almost every month a new scam is happening in the state. Priyanka said- Today I am giving some guarantees. The guarantees that we will fulfill 100 percent. We made the same promise in Karnataka. The government there passed the bill as soon as it arrived.

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