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Two Fishermen Succumb, Others in Critical Condition Following Inhalation of Gases from Fish Offal

At approximately 11 am, Seena Yadav, aged 34, and N Rangaswamy, aged 28, started experiencing difficulty breathing as a result of the overpowering odor emanating from decomposing fish waste. Tragically, both individuals succumbed to suffocation later on.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Two Fishermen Succumb, Others in Critical Condition Following Inhalation of Gases from Fish Offal

MUMBAI: In a devastating incident, two fishermen lost their lives, and four others are battling for survival after being exposed to toxic gases emitted from fish offal. The Yellow Gate police have initiated a case of accidental death in connection with the incident.

According to accounts from fellow fishermen and neighbors in Bhaucha Dhakka, the fishing boat named Anjani Putra had set sail 12 days ago. Upon returning, it docked at the new fish jetty late at night, prompting several workers from the fishing community in Solapur Street, Dana Bandar, to unload the catch. The tragic turn of events unfolded around 11 am when two workers, Seena Yadav, 34, and N Rangaswamy, 28, began experiencing respiratory distress due to the overwhelming stench of decomposing fish offal. Despite efforts, both individuals succumbed to suffocation.

The Cause Unveiled

Arman Kalu, a local fishing net supplier residing in Bhaucha Dhakka, shed light on the situation, stating, “The fish brought from the sea is collected in special storage units below the deck, which are iced properly to ensure that the fish remains fresh. In one of the units, very small fish, offal, and other such things are collected, as they are used to make pesticides. This unit, perhaps, was not iced well, which caused the offal to rot and produce harmful gases.”

Yellow Gate police officials reported that when the initial two men unloading the offal struggled to exit the underdeck unit, others entered to rescue them. Tragically, all six men were exposed to poisonous gases. While two lost their lives before reaching JJ Hospital, the remaining four are still in critical condition. The injured include Suresh Mekla, Pampapati Yadav, Guruswamy Yadav, and Suresh Yadav.

Heart-Wrenching Wait at JJ Hospital

Aswathappa, a worker involved in the rescue, emphasized the challenging conditions, stating, “It was increasingly difficult to breathe in the offal unit. Our priority was to evacuate all the workers and get them medical help at the earliest.”

At JJ Hospital, families of the victims anxiously waited for the bodies to be handed over. Vajamma, cousin of the injured Mekla, expressed concern, saying, “Rangaswamy and Seena Yadav, both deceased workers, had young children. Besides, Rangaswamy’s wife, who is in their native village, is pregnant.” She remained by her cousin’s bedside, sharing the critical state of the injured and the challenges in securing an available ICU bed.

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