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US military brings down octagonal object flying over Lake Huron near US-Canadian border

A UFO was seen near the US-Canada border, which was shot down by a fighter jet of the US Army. There have been four incidents of UFO sighting in the sky of America and Canada within the last one week. Out of these four, 3 flying objects were seen in the skies of America, while one UFO was seen in Canadian airspace. All these four have been shot down till now with the help of fighter jets.

By Priyanka Verma 
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America: The process of seeing flying objects (UFOs) in the sky of America is not taking the name of stopping. Now U.S. military fighter jets on Sunday shot down an octagonal object over Lake Huron, the Pentagon said, the latest incident since a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon put North American security forces on high alert.

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This is the fourth case since a suspected Chinese spy balloon was spotted in the US. According to information received from the Pentagon, US military fighter jets shot down an octagonal object seen over Lake Huron on Sunday. Let us tell you, North American security forces are on high alert since the suspected Chinese surveillance balloon.

Let us tell you that Lake Huron is one of the five largest lakes in North America. It is the eastern part of Lake Michigan. After shooting down this flying object, the North American Aero Space Defense Command (NORAD) had banned the movement of aircraft flying from this airspace. However, the ban was lifted after a close inspection of the airspace.

The American MP has also given information about this incident by tweeting. Republican Party MP Elissa Slotkin tweeted that the UFO was shot down by the pilot of the US Air Force and National Guard. The soldiers who carried out this mission did a wonderful job. We are now interested to know what was the object that was shot and what was its purpose? She further said that as long as such things continue in America and Canada, she will keep demanding complete information from the US Congress.

Recently, a flying object was also shot down near the coast of Alaska in America. Earlier, a suspicious object in Canadian airspace was shot down by the US Air Force. US President Joe Biden and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had decided to demolish it after talking on the phone. UFO sightings in American skies began with China’s ‘spy balloons’.

America had shot down that ‘spy balloon’ of China, which was seen in the sky of many states of America for about a week. Apart from America, it was also seen in the airspace of Canada and Latin America, after which there was a stir there. The size of the balloon seen over the US state of Montana was equal to three buses.

The US Defense Ministry had said that there is no danger to the people from this spy balloon. But even then this balloon being seen in American airspace was being tracked for the past few days. It was also being monitored through American military aircraft, and was later shot down after receiving orders from President Joe Biden.

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America has a nuclear missile field in the Motanna area where China’s spy balloon was flying. The US Army suspected that the spy balloon would pass through those sensitive areas and convey many important information to China. But because the size of that balloon was very large, there was a fear of debris falling down, so the decision to drop it was delayed.

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