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Uttarakhand Forest Fires: Three Arrested for Allegedly Promoting Blaze

Newly appointed Head of Forest Force Dhananjai Mohan issued directives urging swift action in response to all fire alerts.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Uttarakhand Forest Fires: Three Arrested for Allegedly Promoting Blaze

Amid the ongoing crisis of forest fires in Uttarakhand, authorities have detained three individuals from Bihar, accused of inciting the infernos that continue to ravage the state’s green cover. The arrests follow a viral video circulating on social media platforms, wherein the suspects purportedly encouraged the setting ablaze of forests.

Promotion of Forest Fires: A Disturbing Trend

In the alarming video, one of the accused is heard proclaiming, “Nobody challenges those who play with fire, and Biharis are never challenged.” Identified as Brijesh Kumar, Salman, and Shukhlal, all residents of Bihar, the trio faces charges under section 26 of the Indian Forest Act of 1927, alongside multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code.

Law Enforcement Response

The incident unfolded in the Gairsain area of Chamoli district, as confirmed by Sarvesh Panwar, the district’s Superintendent of Police. Panwar issued a stern warning against such acts, emphasizing the punitive consequences for those found culpable. “Those who will not adhere to law, will be punished,” declared Panwar, urging the public to refrain from engaging in activities that jeopardize the state’s forests.

Government’s Vigilance and Action Plan

With Uttarakhand’s forest cover at substantial risk, the state’s law enforcement agencies are intensifying their efforts to combat the rampant blazes. Uttarakhand’s Director General of Police, Abhinav Kumar, disclosed that numerous cases have been registered across nine districts in connection with the forest fires. He underscored the criticality of forest and wildlife protection, a shared responsibility between the forest department and the police force.

Leadership’s Response to Crisis

In response to the escalating situation, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami convened a high-level meeting to strategize measures for forest fire containment. The gathering, held at Uttarakhand Sadan in New Delhi, addressed concerns regarding environmental safety, water scarcity, and preparations for the upcoming Chardham Yatra.

Call for Immediate Action

Dhananjai Mohan, recently appointed Head of Forest Force, emphasized the urgency of addressing fire alerts promptly. With 18 incidents reported on Saturday alone, Mohan stressed the need for swift response mechanisms and community involvement in firefighting operations.

The Kumaon region remains particularly vulnerable, with over 460 fire incidents reported since November, exacerbating environmental concerns and health risks for residents.

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