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Landslide Devastates Ramban in Jammu and Kashmir

Pernote village, situated approximately six kilometers from Ramban town, bears the brunt of the landslide, with around 30-40 houses affected.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Landslide Devastates Ramban in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir : A devastating landslide in Ramban district of Jammu and Kashmir has caused extensive damage to roads, houses, and crops, displacing numerous families and disrupting normal life in the region.

Around 30-40 houses in the vicinity have been affected by the landslide, with reports of damage to roads, power towers, and agricultural lands in the area. The affected villagers have been evacuated to safety, with rescue operations underway to assist those in need.

Relief Efforts Underway

The administration has sprung into action, providing medical facilities, food, and temporary shelter to the affected villagers. Rescue teams comprising NDRF, SDRF, and local NGOs are actively engaged in surveying the area and conducting rescue operations.

Administrative Response

Varunjeet Charak, ADC Ramban, reported that approximately 50-55 families have been affected, with some houses completely destroyed and others partially damaged. The administration is closely monitoring the situation and coordinating relief efforts to ensure the well-being of affected residents.

Rehabilitation Challenges

J&K Pradesh Congress President Vikar Rasool criticized the government’s response, urging for comprehensive rehabilitation measures for the affected families. The sinking of land along the Ramban-Gool road has exacerbated the situation, further complicating efforts to restore normalcy.

The landslide, which began near Ramban, continues to pose a threat to the region, with ongoing movement reported along impacted roads. The restoration process is hindered by the persistent risk of further land subsidence.

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