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Lover Murders Girlfriend for Rs 30 Lakh, Caught After Transfer

A man, in collaboration with his partner, murdered his girlfriend, aged 24, after learning of a significant sum of Rs 30 lakh in her account.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Lover Murders Girlfriend for Rs 30 Lakh, Caught After Transfer

Haryana: In a harrowing incident, a former live-in partner and his accomplice were apprehended for the brutal murder of a woman, allegedly motivated by greed for Rs 30 lakh. Identified as Deepak and Krishan, the perpetrators were arrested in connection with the killing of 24-year-old Renu, whose lifeless body was discovered near a canal in Chhainsa, Haryana, on March 21.

Digital Trail Unveils Heinous Crime

The gruesome murder came to light after it was revealed that Deepak and Krishan had callously transferred Rs 30 lakh from Renu’s phone immediately after her demise, indicating a premeditated motive. The heinous act was purportedly driven by Deepak’s insatiable greed upon discovering the substantial amount in Renu’s account.

Tragic Circumstances Surrounding the Case

Deepak, identified as the main accused by ACP (crime) Aman Yadav, had previously shared a live-in relationship with Renu and operated a salon in Gurugram. The relationship took a sinister turn when Deepak succumbed to his avarice, ultimately leading to Renu’s untimely demise.

Revelations During Interrogation

During interrogation, Deepak confessed that Renu had approached him to assist in finding accommodation in Gurugram. Upon noticing the significant funds in Renu’s account, greed consumed Deepak, prompting him and Krishan to execute the murder by strangling her with a rope. Subsequently, they callously dumped her body near the canal before absconding and transferring the illicitly acquired Rs 30 lakh from the deceased’s account.

Ongoing Investigation

Authorities continue to delve into the details of the case, seeking to unravel the full extent of the perpetrators’ actions and ensuring that justice is served for Renu’s tragic demise.

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