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Delhi HC Dismisses PIL Seeking Arvind Kejriwal’s Release

Rejects Plea for 'Extraordinary Interim Bail', Imposes ₹75,000 Costs on Petitioner.

By: Team Pardaphash  Pardaphash Group
Delhi HC Dismisses PIL Seeking Arvind Kejriwal’s Release

New Delhi : In a decisive ruling, the Delhi High Court has quashed a public interest litigation (PIL) seeking the release of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on “extraordinary interim bail” in all criminal cases filed against him by the Enforcement Directorate and the State. The court also levied a fine of ₹75,000 on the petitioner, emphasizing that Kejriwal remains in judicial custody in accordance with the court’s orders.

Maintaining Judicial Integrity

The court categorically stated that the PIL, filed by a fourth-year law student under the name of ‘We the People of India’, lacked legal merit and was not maintainable. It affirmed that courts, within their writ jurisdiction, cannot grant extraordinary interim bail in ongoing cases involving individuals holding high office.

Criticism of Petitioner’s Approach

Senior Advocate Rahul Mehra, representing Kejriwal, denounced the PIL as “completely impermissible” and “misguided”, asserting that the petitioner sought to exploit the judicial system for political ends. He criticized the petitioner for attempting to turn the court into a political platform .

Court Rebukes Petitioner

The court admonished the petitioner, questioning their understanding of legal principles and their commitment to legal education. Acting Chief Justice Manmohan expressed skepticism about the petitioner’s legal acumen, suggesting a lack of diligence in legal studies.

Dismissal of Baseless Claims

Furthermore, the court dismissed the petitioner’s assertion of representing the people of India, deeming it unfounded. It rebuffed the petitioner’s offer to provide a personal bond for Kejriwal, emphasizing that such actions lacked legal authority, as the petitioner held no power of attorney for Kejriwal.

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